Aesthetic Dentistry Course

This course provides the general practitioner with an educational route to acquire the skills and knowledge required for a dentist with special interest in the growing art of cosmetic dentistry .uninique feature of this course includes

Composite restorations
Midline diastema closure
Repair of ellis facture
• History and evolution
• Indications /contraindications
• Types-direct and indirect
• Armamentarium
• Design considerations
• Steps in tooth preparation
• Isolation and soft tissue management
• Impression making
• Shade selection
• Temporization
• Trial and luting of restorations
• Precaution and maintenance

Smile designing

Goals of smile designing
Component of an esthetic smile
The basic shape of face
Lateral profile
Vital elements of smile designing and their role (dental composition)
Tooth components
Dental midline
Incisal lengths
Tooth dimensions
Zenith points
Axial inclinations
Interdental contact area and point
Incisal embrasure
Sex personality and age (dentogenic concept)
Symmetry and balance
Soft tissue components
gingival health
gingival levels and harmony
interdental embrasure
smile line
golden proportion
recurring esthetic dental proportions(ward)
m proportions(methot)
chu esthetic gauges
soft tissue component of smile design
interdental embrasure (cervical embrasure)


Preparation on typodont teeth on models.