Orthodontics Course

A ORTHODONTICS COURSES in delhi,which includes lectures, hands-on exercises on models for the various aspects of fixed orthodontic treatment which include bonding brackets, banding, wire ligation, welding, soldering, cephalometrics, fixed retainers and wiring exercises. Topics are on straight wire and latest techniques.

Lectures focusing on clinical knowledge./td>
Hands - on on models.
Live demo on patients.
Do patients under guidance.
Courses taught by experienced staff
Certified courses
Interactive sessions with mentor
Help and guidance for your future cases.
A orthodontic course in delhi of 6 sessions of lectures, hands-on and workshop with 12 sessions to observe and discuss patients, spread over a period of


Straight wire ( MBT / Roth ) technique
Fixed orthodontic appliances
Removable Appliances
Diagnosis and treatment planning
Preventive orthodontics, interceptive orthodontics, corrective orthodontics
Orthopaedic appliances
Mini screws and extra anchorage devices
Recent advances in techniques and materials
Placing seperators and banding on models.
Cephalometric tracing
OPG reading.
Identify instruments and materials.
Bonding brackets & wiring on models.
Wire sequences and changing exercises.
Fabrication of TPA, Nance button, Twin block, Biteplanes etc.